Hurricane Harvey 2017, Texas: Finding Your Lost Dog, Cat or other Family Pet

While Hurricane Harvey has left the Houston Metropolitan Area, residents are having to wait for flood waters to recede before assessing the damage and  start rebuilding efforts after such a catastrophic event. Families are being reunited, but many are missing a beloved family pet whether it be a dog, cat or other animal. Finding your lost pet is being made easier by local and national organizations, including shelters and rescues.

The quickest way to get the word out about your lost pet? If you have a cell phone and/or laptop with online access, it is crucial to get your lost pet’s information online asap! Best Friends© Animal Society has partnered with VetsPlusMore to help lost pets and reunite them with their families. To register for help with locating your lost pet, or list a found animal, visit to download an easy-to-use app. This app works on both Apple and Android and is free to download and use.

Utilize online resources such as Facebook. Here are a few groups’ Facebook pages to post information about your lost pet on:

Greater Houston Lost & Found Dogs & Cats –

Houston Humane Society

Society for Prevention & Cruelty to Animals (SPCA of Texas)

Humane Society of Southeast Texas


Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue has been airlifting unclaimed pets from local shelters to make space for those found after Hurricane Harvey arrived. The local shelters these pets were transferred from will have records of where the pre-hurricane intake pets were transferred to.

Missing Pet Partnership

Missing Pet Partnership focuses on search, rescue and reuniting of companion dogs with their owners.

Lost Dogs of Texas

Helping Lost Pets

Both Lost Dogs of Texas and Helping Lost Pets have free online forms to complete for lost and found pets.

Perform a search on both Facebook and Google to find other pet search and rescue groups in your area that may be able to provide assistance with your search efforts.

Other invaluable online resources:

Fido Finder –

Fido Finder is a large lost dog registry.

Pawboost –

Pawboost is a large lost pet registry.

One of the greatest tools utilized for neighbors to communicate within their community is through a social messaging web board called “NextDoor“. It is easy to use and a good tool to let your neigbors know about your missing family pet. Registration and use are both free. You can sign-up at –

Be sure to have as much information and documentation as possible on-hand to evidence ownership of your pet, such as: Microchip number, dog license registration number, veterinary records, photos, and special identifying characteristics.

When it is safe to do so, post flyers in and around your neighborhood (preferably with photos), including local stores, veterinary clinics, pet stores and groomers. Keep checking-in with local these local pet-related locations!

Wishing everyone great success in finding their beloved pets safe and sound!

Please feel free to contact me directly if I can be of assistance, or if you have a helpful resource to add for fellow pet families. This blog post will be updated as new resources are made known, as I am monitoring.


National Dog Day – August 26, 2017

Happy National Dog Day!

This fun holiday filled with everything dogs started on August 26, 2004, by Colleen Paige, a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. Colleen is the founder of a variety of pet-related philanthropic holidays including National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day and National Cat Day.

National Dog Day focuses on all dogs, no matter the breed… pure or mixed, to promote adoption and bring attention to the important roles they hold in our everyday lives. Not only do our four-legged family members play an invaluable role in our lives, but also working dogs play significant roles in our safety and personal needs (specially trained for sight, service dogs for veterans and those with disabilities, and sensing certain medical issues such as oncoming epileptic seizures, diabetes and so on).

Give your pup a few extra treats today or perhaps a nice long walk! If you’re thinking about adding to your family, today is a fabulous opportunity to adopt a dog from a local shelter or rescue in your area or make a donation to any of these organizations.

For more about Colleen Paige and her service to the pet community, please visit for details.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened ~ Anatole France

Back to Blogging!

Hi, Everyone!

Yes, I’ve been away from blogging for a bit as the past several months brought about a lot of changes (all good), including a move from Arizona to our new home in Oregon. I am delighted to finally be settled-in enough to return to writing! Let the blogging commence!

While exploring and getting to know our new home state with my husband, I’ve discovered an incredibly dog-friendly environment! Oregon is VERY dog-friendly, no doubt about it.

Many of the local pubs and restaurants offer outdoor seating for guests with dogs, some including special treats for our furry friends. A variety of other businesses include freshly filled water bowls accessible by all pets! There’s so much more, so please stay-tuned for an upcoming post about everything dog-friendly!

I also have several other dog-related topics on my Fall ’17 writing list about dog nutrition, health, training, and travel.

Thank you, all for your continued interest and support!

USDA Animal Welfare Policy Changes

In a recent broadcast of The Closer with Keith Olbermann 1; Olbermann discloses changes to the USDA’s reporting policy on two important animal protection mechanisms:

  • Animal Welfare Act: U.S. Code, 7 U.S.C. Sections 2131 – 2159 2
  • Horse Protection Act: U.S. Code, 15 U.S.C. Sections 1821-1831 3

What these changes mean for animal advocates and owners is that published inspection, enforcement, and other related regulatory reports are no longer searchable on the USDA’s government website (

The change, in part, is intended to protect the right to privacy of parties involved in regulatory actions and to allow ongoing litigation the USDA is party to, be resolved. How does this change affect the public?

Prior to the 2016 change in the reporting policy, citizens were able to search and immediately access archived reports online using the USDA’s Animal Care Search Tool. 4 Post change, to obtain a report one must submit a written request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provided, as the agency shall determine, the request is consistent with the Privacy Act. 5 Certainly a more detailed request process and potentially lengthy wait for data that is needed immediately, in the majority of cases. Note: Fees may apply!

Before filing a request under the FOIA, you can cross-check the Agricultural Decisions Publication for enforcement records on the USDA’s Office of Administrative Law Judges website at OALJ Decisions. The USDA also notes that records frequently requested under the FOIA may be posted on their website, in redacted form, for viewing. 5

For instructions on how to file an FOIA request, either online or in writing, please visit for details.

Disclaimer: While Keith Olbermann’s statements appear to be of a more politically motivated nature, it has purely been my focus to clarify the USDA’s data access policy changes he mentions. The changes were placed into effect in 2016. 6

UPDATE – August 19, 2017

On August 18, 2017, APHIS and the USDA announced their rollout of a refined public search tool allowing public access to AWA compliance records. After much scrunity and public outcry arising from the agencies’ removal of compliance reports and other valuable data in February 2017 , access to most of the deleted data is now again available to the public. There still remains some information not directly available through the public search tool. However, the public can file a request under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”).

For complete details about the recent changes and public access to the agencies’ data, visit for further information. Save




  1. Olbermann, Keith. “Life In Trump’s America Just Got Worse For Your Pet”. GQ Videos. N.p., 2017. Web. 9 Feb. 2017.[]

A Second Chance for Homeless Dogs

Fall has finally arrived here in the desert, along with the ending of a very busy summer. It’s a great feeling to be getting back to blogging so I can share many new topics and experiences with you!

adopt-a-shelter-dog-shareables_instagram-facebok_There’s a special place in my heart for homeless dogs. Some find their way to a shelter by way of caring rescue volunteers, others remain on the streets looking for home and their next meal. Many are injured or have debilitating diseases, just hoping for help, food and a warm dry bed. No dog should be left behind, ever.

Today I’ve joined in with the ASPCA for their #31DaysofRescueDogs fundraising campaign in support of homeless dogs. Shelters need our help to give these pups loving care and nutrition with the goal of finding a forever home for each and every one!

Pictured below is our sweet Magnolia, adopted in 2014 from a well-respected shelter in Montana. She was one of nine puppies and was fostered by a loving family nearby. She was in great hands and given such wonderful care!SweetMagnoliaPicMonkey1

If not for the loving volunteers and donations, Magnolia may never have found her forever home.

I also volunteer my time to assist in finding lost dogs so they can be reunited with their families, and help to rescue stray dogs with the hope they will be welcomed by a loving family and a safe place to call home. It is so rewarding to reunite a lost dog with their family, but sometimes its too late no matter the number of volunteers. One lost pup is one too many.

Please join me and take a moment to visit my campaign site to make a donation for as little or as much as you can spare in support of rescues today. Your kindness and gift is sincerely appreciated!

Please click the “TeamASPCA” image above to visit the secure donation site.

Thank you for your support!










Dog Allergies: A Quandary of Symptoms, Medication and Supplements

Diagnosing and treating a dog’s allergy symptoms can certainly put any dog parent on edge, especially as weeks and months go by before finding a cause and a suitable treatment plan. If dogs could only talk….

Our sweet Magnolia started scratching frequently with signs of seborrhea (dandruff) specks appearing on her black coat. She was eating and drinking well and had no other symptoms. At first I thought maybe it was the arid desert climate causing her dry skin, but thought it best to have her checked by our veterinarian.

On her initial exam, the doctor prescribed Benadryl® and recommended bathing Magnolia with Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner to moisturize her skin and coat. Her oral flea and tick preventative dosing was halted and her meals limited to her frozen raw diet. No treats, fresh vegetables or fruits. Allergies were the suspect.

Within a few days, another veterinarian visit for Magnolia with bare patches and raised bumps as new symptoms. Specimens of the bumps/rash were collected for testing (results were negative), along with a change in medication to Chlorpheniramine.

Magnolia’s symptoms subsided somewhat over the next few weeks, with her recovery leveling off and no further improvement. Her veterinarian changed her medication to Hydroxyzine as the last antihistamine to try before referring her to an allergist. Fortunately, the Hydroxyzine worked!

As she healed, I slowly re-introduced the oral flea and tick preventative and healthy treats to her diet with positive results. As she continued to do well, I decided to address my growing concern about keeping her on a regular Hydroxyzine regimen over the long-term. My goal was to find an alternative.

9202342_s-2015Through hours of research and discussion with our veterinarian, I started Magnolia on fish oil capsules to see how she would respond. Seeing no negative reactions to the supplement, I decided to add organic unrefined virgin coconut oil to her meals, twice daily. What a difference!

Her coat is now shiny and silky smooth, with little to no dry skin. Her pads are very healthy with no cracking. Her scratching is now just occasional, as with any dog. Just amazing.

I was finally able to eliminate the daily Hydroxyzine dosing from Magnolia’s diet. Finding natural alternatives to help her through allergy season (of which is nearly year-round in our desert climate) has proved to be a winning solution for my sweet girl!

If you suspect your dog has allergies or a skin irritation (related/unrelated to allergies), the first plan of action is to schedule a veterinarian visit for an exam and testing. These types of ailments can range from mild to severe, calling for varying types of treatment plans.

Considering a Coconut oil supplement? It is always best to check with your veterinarian before starting a natural regimen, first. As a primer to adding Coconut oil to your dog’s diet, I found this informative article on Life&Dog with nutrition facts and health benefits.


Hello, Dog Lovers!


Hi Everyone!

I’m very excited about the launch of my new blog, Love of Everything Dogs!

I grew up surrounded by family pets and have always loved and enjoyed each and every one of them, including horses, dogs, cats, fish, birds and whatever wild creature I felt needed a home at any given time. You can probably imagine that my parents weren’t always pleased with my animal fostering instinct.

In recent years, I’ve learned a lot about dog rescues and shelters and the volunteers who give of their time to help stray, sick and injured dogs, and how they work collectively to help families locate their lost four-legged family members.

With the addition of our girls, Lily and Magnolia to our family as puppies, different scenarios with their health, food, training and getting to know more about their specific breeds required a lot of research on my part. Through this process, my knowledge about dogs grew exponentially.

With the knowledge and experience I have gained, it really isn’t worth much without sharing it with others who may benefit even in a small way. My idea grew into sharing in an organized, easy-to-read format…. thus, Love of Everything Dogs was born!