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Hi, Everyone!

Yes, I’ve been away from blogging for a bit as the past several months brought about a lot of changes (all good), including a move from Arizona to our new home in Oregon. I am delighted to finally be settled-in enough to return to writing! Let the blogging commence!

While exploring and getting to know our new home state with my husband, I’ve discovered an incredibly dog-friendly environment! Oregon is VERY dog-friendly, no doubt about it.

Many of the local pubs and restaurants offer outdoor seating for guests with dogs, some including special treats for our furry friends. A variety of other businesses include freshly filled water bowls accessible by all pets! There’s so much more, so please stay-tuned for an upcoming post about everything dog-friendly!

I also have several other dog-related topics on my Fall ’17 writing list about dog nutrition, health, training, and travel.

Thank you, all for your continued interest and support!

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