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Welcome to Love of Everything Dogs!

My name is Linda and I am a dog blogger, dog mom and small business owner. I have several years of microblogging experience, but what piqued my interest in pet blogs is my love for dogs, experiences with dog search and rescue efforts and relationships with many individuals in the dog rescue field. I enjoy researching and sharing both fun and informative articles for others in the dog community. I'm also an avid reader of many other dog blogs!

1470181_10152145527770864_697153281_nI am a dog mom to two amazing girls! Lily, a course-coated Jack Russell Terrier and Magnolia, a Labrador-Malamute mix, are my constant companions and co-bloggers. Magnolia was adopted through a rescue shelter in Montana when she was just a young pup, one of a litter of nine.

With my blog, Love of Everything Dogs, I share informative articles about dog food recalls, dog safety and health, dog shelters and rescues, dog training and exercise… pretty much everything dogs! And, when I come across some great dog-related products, I’ll be sure to share them with you as well!

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
 -Josh Billings
a.k.a. Henry Wheeler Shaw;
humorist and lecturer

Crossbreed, 5 months old, leaning on a white panel and licking lips against white background